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TRP Capital Closes Two New Platforms for Fund Five

TRP Capital (“TRP”) is pleased to announce the closing of two new platform investments for TRP V. Diversified Technologies International (“DTI”) and Lifted Trucks represent our 28th and 29th transactions and are consistent with our strategy to be a value-added investor given our extensive experience and relationships in the transportation industry and related sectors.

DTI - In June, TRP partnered with co-founders Chris Wiegel and Kurt Saldana to acquire DTI. DTI is an asset light provider of supply chain and program management to automotive OEMs and Tier I suppliers for tooling design and manufacturing. The Company’s unique model combines tool build expertise from DTI engineers with low-cost manufacturing in Asia. Demand for the services is tied to new platform launches and vehicle model updates, avoiding any exposure to new vehicle sales volumes. TRP has already identified numerous opportunities where we can add value with customer growth and infrastructure support. This was a proprietary opportunity for TRP (over 50% throughout our history), sourced from a long-time relationship.

For more information on DTI, please visit:

Lifted Trucks - In early August, TRP partnered with co-founders Dustin Desmarteau and James Pillor, and Nonantum Capital Partners, to recapitalize Lifted Trucks, the Southwest’s premier upfitter and dealer of performance-enhanced vehicles. The family-owned business has been refining its customization and sales model for over a decade, positioning the company as a disruptor in the custom used truck and vehicle market. This is TRP’s fifth dealership platform. Management selected TRP and Nonantum due to our unique ability to add value across numerous areas, including geographic expansion, product enhancements, financing support, and general business growth support.

For more information on Lifted Trucks (and to buy a truck!), please visit:

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